UK Limited Company with UK Registered Office and an International Bank Account

Due to the intransigent attitude of the UK Banks it has been impossible to open a UK Bank account for UK Limited Companies when the Directors are non-resident in the UK.

We are now able to provide our clients with a UK Limited Company for non-resident Directors.

Directors can be resident in any country except America and Iran.

Note: A UK VAT Number can be obtained for a UK Limited Company using an International account, enabling payments to be made to HMRC (VAT). However, VAT refunds cannot be made to an International Bank account.

By using our exclusive pre-approval service we can confirm your new Bank account will be opened without fuss or delay. This confirmation is provided before you pay our fees. Simply complete our in-house application form which is available upon request.

London Regent Street Registered Office

Every UK Company is required to supply its registered office address when it is being formed. Using the registered office address means that you can keep your home address free from a barrage of junk mail and potentially, any unannounced visitors.

Annual fees are £168.00 per year for the Registered Office Address, plus any optional extras that you request.

In addition to the above we offer:

  • Telephone answering Service - Optional
  • Telephone answering Service: £25.00 per week. Your call details will be sent to you by email
  • Business Mail Forwarding - Optional

Why not have a complete business mail forwarding service to compliment your Regent Street registered office for just £250.00 per year? A Deposit which can be topped up of £100.00 is required for Royal Mail Postage.

The mail forwarding portion of the Package is renewable annually at £250.00.

The total cost for our UK Limited company with UK Registered Office and International Bank Account is £1250.00 GBP

The only regular payment you will need to maintain is £168.00 per year for the Registered Office Address, plus any optional extras that you request.

Just like the registered office service, we will forward any business mail we receive to you on the same day and you will only be charged the Royal Mail postage cost.

Call us now
Contact us on our helpline + 44 (0)1305 853310 to discuss your requirements, and if you would like to proceed, purchase this package over the phone.

We appreciate that every individuals needs are unique to them and often the step of setting up UK LImited Company with International bank account can seem daunting. Therefore if you wish to discuss your particular needs in absolute confidence we are always delighted to be of assistance.

Our UK Company Package includes the following:

  • UK Limited Company
  • 24 hour company formation.
  • Full set of Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Electronic & Hard Copy Certificate of Incorporation
  • Unlimited Telephone and Email Support
  • Free On-Line Company Administration
  • Statutory Company Register including up to 16 Share Certificates
  • Registered Office address Regent Street, London.

* Until now it has been impossible to open a Bank account for UK Limited Companies unless all Directors of the Company are resident in the UK. We can now open an International Bank Account for your new UK Company with full on-line and telephone Banking.