Seychelles Offshore Incorporations

Seychelles is one of the best jurisdictions in the world perfectly achieving the almost impossible balance between offering a private, secure and tax efficient structure, whilst remaining compliant and well-regulated to ensure they remain a cooperative tax haven and are not black-listed.

One of the most popular offshore banking / company formation solutions that we offer is a Seychelles company and guaranteed bank account package. Seychelles companies are ideal for clients who require the formation of an offshore company with a minimum amount of fuss and formality. It is usual to buy a shelf company which has not previously traded, or if you prefer, we can form a company to your choice of name at no additional cost (name subject to availability).

Seychelles IBC's (International Business Companies) are 100% tax-exempt locally with no requirement to file accounts. This makes them incredibly simple and efficient vehicles to operate and offer those who incorporate in Seychelles the opportunity to trade tax-free as long as their business is conducted outside of Seychelles.

Our Seychelles incorporations come with Nominee Director and Shareholder if required.   As most of our clients require a bank account for their new company, we offer a unique service. This is our bank account pre-approval service. Simply request our bank account pre-approval forms, and we will seek a suitable bank account for your new company.

Benefits of our Seychelles package

  • Completely Tax-Free IBC (International Business Company)
  • Nominee Director services if required are inclusive in the fee.
  • Nominee Shareholder services inclusive, if required, so your name will not be on any public record.
  • The Bank Account is opened for you, without a credit score and without the need to travel.
  • There is no requirement to file accounts.
  • Seychelles Registered Office.
  • Full business banking facilities with a choice of non-European Banks with internet banking, multi-currency accounts and access to funds 24/7.
  • Shelf companies are available at any one time, or we can incorporate to your own choice of name at no additional cost. No requirement to pay up share capital

Fees £2250.00 GBP

All first years’ fees are inclusive.

Yearly fees from year two onwards are £925.50 GBP inclusive of Nominee Director Fee, and certificate of good standing.

Our yearly fees are the most competitive available.

To proceed, we will need the following documents from you:

  1. Your completed Bank account pre‐approval form and passport copy
  2. Confirmation of the business activities of the proposed Company.
  3. Your fee payment.
    Fees can be paid by credit card, Western Union Transfer or Bank Transfer
    (Payment details below)

Payment Options:

  1. By telephone us on +44 (0) 1305 853310. For your security, we no longer accept payments online. We accept all major debit and credit cards on the telephone
  2. Cash or Bank Transfer to our account at:
    Our Bank Account details are available on request or will be on our pro‐forma invoice

We also accept payment by Western Union (call us for details)

Once your application has been accepted, we will pass your file to our administration team, where we will send you a short application form and will require two forms of identification for each person signing on the Company Bank account:

  1. Passport photocopy
  2. A home utility bill (council tax, electric, water or gas) showing your residential ad‐ dress, dated within the last three months and in English or officially translated into English (other forms of I.D. can be accepted if you are unable to provide a home utility bill. Kindly consult us).
Call us now
We hope that you have found this information of help. Contact us on our helpline + 44 (0)1305 853310 / +44 (0)7719 755664 to discuss your requirements, and if you would like to proceed, purchase this package over the phone. We look forward to being of assistance.
Seychelles really is the most confidential, simple and effective jurisdictions on the market today and remains our best-selling product.

  • We guarantee a bank account with every IBC we sell.
  • We complete all the application forms for you.
  • We provide all management services for your company
  • Disclosure of the beneficial owners is not required
  • Nominee shareholders are permitted
  • Seychelles is exempt from the payment of local taxes
  • There are no foreign exchange controls

BANK ACCOUNTS: We can open a Bank account for your new Company with our exclusive Bank Account Pre-Approval Service. Call or send an email for details and assistance.

telephoneCall us now
Contact us on our helpline to discuss your requirement in confidence on + 44 (0)1305 853310 or +44 (0)7719 755664.

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