Belize Asset Protection Trust


Amanda J Molyneux are delighted to be able to offer this incredible product to our valued clients. The Belize Asset Protection trust is the strongest asset protection vehicle available anywhere today and offers a whole range of benefits to individuals and companies alike..

The governing legislation for Belize Trusts, the BELIZE REVISED TRUSTS ACT 2000, is the most full-proof asset protection legislation in the world. Allowing the creation of incredibly sophisticated, flexible and creative instruments, effectively what the creation of these Trusts does so brilliantly is to allow for the legal ownership of your property to be distinguished and vested separately from any enforceable claims or rights to that property. They allow you complete protection, control and use of your Assets whilst ensuring they are safely out of the reach of creditors, prior legal heirs and all other liabilities.

Any foreign court order is not recognized in Belize because such foreign courts have no jurisdiction to issue orders against entities or structures in Belize. If a challenge is made to a Trust, such challenge must be made in the Belize courts. Furthermore, section 7(6) of the Trust Act states:

Where a trust is created under the law of Belize, the Court shall not vary it or set it aside or recognise the validity of any claim against the trust property pursuant to the law of another jurisdiction or the order of a court of another jurisdiction in respect to -

  1. The personal and proprietary consequences of marriage or the termination of marriage;
  2. Succession rights (whether testate or intestate) including the fixed shares of spouses or relatives; or
  3. The claims of creditors in insolvency.

For complete asset protection talk to us about linking your IBC Company to a Belize Asset Protection Trust.


Unlike other jurisdictions Belize Trusts offer Instant Asset Protection - In many other jurisdictions there is a time limit placed upon the assets moved into TRUST to avoid various claims upon them, this is often a period of between 2 and 5 years, however this is NOT the case in Belize. Belize legislation concerning the reciprocal enforcement of judgments does not apply to a Belize Trust therefore any party wishing to initiate a claim against TRUST assets must commence fresh legal proceedings in Belize.


Fees for the above package are: £3750.00

Company Yearly Fees are £1500.00 (payable on 1st January each year). Optional Protector Fee (1st year free) £500.00 per annum inclusive of nominee director and IBC fee and annual certificate of good standing. These fees are due on or before 1st January each year, beginning in the January following the purchase of your Belize IBC. This is in order to satisfy the Belize Registry requirements.

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You can now buy our Belize Asset Protection Trust with Bank account package online. Trust can be formed to your own choice of name providing it is available and acceptable. Choose your own Trust name here

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Belize Asset Protection Trusts PREVENT successful claims being made against you for all of the following:

  • Any international court or foreign court ruling
  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce
  • Prior Legal Heirs
  • Full proof protection from creditors (private or business)
  • In the event of death of the beneficiary it guarantees the continuation of business as it is easy to transfer the assets of the Trust to the new beneficial owner without incurring Inheritance Tax
  • Protection against mal-practice claims
  • Protection against product liability
  • The Belize Trust provides total confidentiality.There is NO requirement to disclose information in the Trust to external inquisitors.