Other Offshore Jurisdictions

You will notice that we only offer a limited number of Company jurisdictions. Whilst we are happy to form Companies in other IBC jurisdictions, we often have good reasons why we try to encourage our clients to take our advice built on over 24 years’ experience as Company formation agents and service providers.

Our policy is to steer clear of jurisdictions that are obvious ‘Tax Havens’ most of which have a bad reputation and a poor image which may affect our clients. Therefore, we have chosen to only recommend Company jurisdictions that have a good corporate image and act in a compliant manner.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements to see how we can provide you with advice and guidance on the most suitable Company jurisdiction for your needs. Meetings can be arranged in our offices, on the telephone or on Skype by prior arrangement.

Recent changes several previously excellent offshore jurisdictions.


Cyprus has decided to wipe out one of its few profitable business sectors, that employs directly or indirectly, many thousands of people employed within the Banking and company formation sector.

Recently the Central Bank of Cyprus have sent new guidelines to Cyprus Banks requiring the Banks to comply with the Central Banks latest anti-money laundering rules.

Cyprus banks may open Cyprus bank accounts and continue to have business relationships with "shell companies" but they must be able to justify their decision and record that justification in their client records.

  1. A ‘shell Company’ is designed as a Company that has no physical staffed office in Cyprus and is not generating an income and therefore has no economic value or assets, unless there is documentary proof to the contrary.
  2. Is registered in a jurisdiction where companies are not required to submit to the authorities independently audited financial statements;
  3. Has a tax residence in a jurisdiction recognised as "tax haven" or non-tax resident

Cyprus banks have already acted and have already begun to close down Cyprus bank accounts of companies that they consider to be inconsistent with the new Cyprus Central Bank guidelines despite the fact that there are still many uncertainties and the amending directive has not yet been implemented.

Do not hesitate to assist you in finding another jurisdiction for the location of your proposed new Company. We are here to help.


Although there are no recent rule changes for Belize IBC Companies, the jurisdiction is slow to form Companies and has one requirement that we have encouraged them to change over the years and that is, that all Belize yearly Company fees are due on the 1st of January. Irrespective of the date of formation of the Company.

We prefer to offer our clients a RAICC or Seychelles Company where fees are due on the anniversary of the formation of the Company. However, we will form a Belize IBC Company if you so wish.


Until recently, Mauritius offered two types of Companies, GBC 1 & GBC 2. As from the 1st of January 2019, GBC 1 Companies will be rebranded, and will have new ‘substance requirements’ yet to be announced.

GBC2 Companies will be abolished completely. We will still form GBC 1 Companies, so please contact us for further information.


Whilst we are happy to form Companies in most jurisdictions, the changes and requirements in many jurisdictions today, make them almost obsolete and of little use to our clients. With our 24 years’ experience in this business we have always been ahead of the game and as such, we can provide you with the best advice to suit your requirements.  Please contact us to discuss this matter in detail.

Amanda J Molyneux & Company Limited have been trading since 1994, and we are proud of our outstanding reputation as Company Formation Agents and Banking Introducers. Our advice is given freely and in an honest and straight forward manner. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.  

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