Our Website Update

We have now completely updated our website to reflect the changes in company jurisdictions and banking compliance in the new world order. We have taken a conscious decision to limit the number of company jurisdictions we work with from the 1st of January 2019. The newly updated website has been designed to give clear and concise information to clients old and new.

We no longer deal with company jurisdictions that have been tarnished by past misdeeds nor those with a reputation for money laundering. We have always believed that it is our job as a reputable company to ensure that our clients are acting in a safe and compliant manner while taking maximum benefit offered by IBC Companies. We encourage clients to drop the use of the words ‘Offshore Company' and to refer to them as IBC (International Business Companies), Companies that legally trade across International borders free of corporation tax.

We offer company jurisdictions that have good reputations and good corporate images:

RAKICC Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre. United Arab Emirates

Seychelles IBC Companies 

UK Limited Companies (for foreign nationals)


Belize Asset Protection Trust