Today I celebrate my 71st Birthday…

...and over 22 years with Amanda J Molyneux & Company. Any hope of retirement is highly unlikely as I have a relatively young family, our youngest Charlie being only seven years old. People often ask me how I cope with a young family of three children at my age. A close friend once said, "Charles it must be nice to have lead in your pencil at your age" my reply was, 'it's nice to have a pencil'. In my mind, I am still 25, but sadly my body is having trouble trying to keep up with my mind.

My day usually starts at around 6:15 AM, as we are woken by a very lively seven-year-old, running into our bedroom demanding breakfast. Work starts over my first coffee of the day, in bed by answering emails and deleting dozens of spam emails, from people trying to persuade me to join a gambling website, try a new diet, wonderful investment opportunities from Nigerian scammers who insist on approaching me as 'my dearest', Indian SEO companies who tell me that if I reply to them, I will be number one, on page 1 of Google for only a few shekels a month, Russian wives, dating websites for the desperate, and penis enlargement. Why any 71-year-old would want to benefit from a 10inch slong, beggars belief. By 7.30 AM I am in my study starting the real work of the day, answering emails from our clients and new enquiries from all over the world and Skype calls with many of the Banks we are licensed to worldwide.

I never had this problem when I was seven...

This is a demanding schedule for an old boy, would I change it? Would I hell! I have worked hard to develop a certain reputation in the industry, and enjoy the trust of clients worldwide who seek my advice on formation of international companies and banking. The vast majority of our clients have become friends. The ethos of our company, is also highly respected by the many banks that we deal with internationally, who respect the fact that we do our very best to introduce genuine clients to their banks.

Finally, apart from my family, my one greatest pleasure in life is my music. My 8 piece R&B/Jazz band, ( keeps me mentally and physically fit, and allows me to clear my brain of the problems of daily life. In the words of the 'Ray Charles' song 'Let The Good Times Roll, You're a short time here and a long time gone'.

Now back to business.

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