Why no newsletters recently?

I have received hundreds of emails asking why I have not been sending out my regular newsletter/rant. It seems that the majority of my readers agree with my personal rants and comments about politics and business. Looking at the stats for the newsletter, it appears the more I comment, cuss and swear the more people sign up to join the newsletter. Fine by me, as I am a grumpy old bugger and there is a great deal going on in the world to make me grumpy.

The reason I have not been sending out the newsletter is quite simply, I am over worked, and it has been difficult to find time. I have been persuaded by our clients and the team here at Moly HQ to recommence the newsletter on a monthly basis. So, read on. After the rants, do read the business section as there is some important information that may seriously affect you.

To make it perfectly clear, the comments are my own and not those of my Company, Amanda J Molyneux & Company Limited. After all, I don't want the boss (my lady wife) sacking me, do we.

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