My Rant of the month

Sadly, there are so many things that annoy the hell out of me now, it is difficult to choose one or two subjects, so below are those that are the top of my list of things that not only annoy me, but more seriously worry me.

Nationally: Here in the UK, we are in a complete mess politically. I have been a conservative voter all my life, but I am disgusted with the current shower, in particular our Prime Minster, Teresa May, so much so, that I honestly have no party I would trust with my vote. Clearly Mrs May was never in favour of Brexit, and in my mind, she is talking in positive terms about negotiating with the European Union, whilst doing very little to battle on behalf of the UK to take back control of our country. My personal view has always been, that I am happy we voted to leave, but if it had gone the other way, I would have thought Ho Hum, let's just get on with it and not waste any more time on the subject.

Now let's take a look at an alternative party who think that they will soon be in government. The Young Jeremy Corbyn and his then lady friend Dianna Abbot. Back in the day, a young Jeremy Corbyn, a supporter of Irish Terrorist and often attended marches supporting the cause. A man who makes promises to voters and in particular the young, that he has no intention or way of funding. In fact, he will do and say anything to get into power. God help us if the day ever comes. The left wing of the Labour party is so tied up in political correctness they would bring the country to its knees within two years.


All I read about in the newspapers today is about political correctness. Children in some schools no longer able to be called boys or girls. The Mayor of London spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on building transgender lavatories. Men appearing on television, telling us that today, they may well be going to work today dressed as a woman, but tomorrow they may dress as man again. Of course, this will allow access to either male or female lavatories! Now is it me that is fecking mad or what? What happened to self-respect? Now I have no idea who to vote for. I am politically homeless.

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