Angry man. My personal view of the world this week

At number 1. Nicola Sturgeon.

Scottish First Minister, who doesn't give a dam about what the British voters want regarding Brexit, so she has now decided she wants a second devolution referendum in a sad attempt to muddy the political waters. The Scottish voters voted to stay part of Great Britain, so get over yourself lady. This is just about you trying to make a name for yourself.
The European Union are not too keen on you either, after the Spanish Premier told you to the back of the queue If you want to join the European Union.

Just a thought!

At number 2. Kim Jong Un. President of North Korea.

This man is hellbent on destruction of his country and its people. Ruling by absolute fear and badly in need of a decent barber!

"Now remember men, when the American missiles come, make sure you hand me a big umbrella like this one. It will protect me from the fallout".

Number 3. Turkish President Erdogan

He's trying to persuade his voters to give him absolute power, so he can be the dictator he wants to be. He's had a great week bullying the Dutch, which is a bit like picking a fight with Donald Duck, and for what reason?

There is also a dangerous situation building in Turkey, which is a major force within Nato, or will he now cosy up to Russia?

Where have we seen photo's like this one before?

Charles comment:

The older I get; the angrier I get and the more helpless I feel, when I see what is happening in the world today. The international arms race involving America, who's politicians and money hungry businessmen seem to be hellbent on creating wars for their own self-interest. China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, all now rushing towards military domination, whilst families and young children throughout the world are homeless and dying of hunger and thirst.

In Africa, greedy politicians, rape and pillage the assets of the continent to enhance their own wealth, with not a care for the people. This sick situation must end, but I am at a loss to know what to do.

Another situation that has been totally confused are the tens of thousands of people from North Africa trying to reach Europe, and in the case of France and Germany, when they are taken in by these countries and given succour, some of their numbers maim and kill innocent people in the name of some misguided and illogical version of Islam. The real Islamic religion does not promote such actions in the Koran. 

Why cannot humans get on and spend their time on this earth, working and protecting their families to give them a good and safe life. Sadly, it seems that humans are bent on self-destruction by one means or another. It is the political classes that bring about this strife, whilst they hide safely in the background and others lose their lives in the wars that they create. These people need to be brought to justice. Sadly, that is never going to happen. Just ask Tony Blair!!

That's all for now folks! Do accept errors or spelling mistakes, as this G & T is going down very well as I work.


Dorset April 2017.

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