Ajman Free Zone Companies allow business to start or relocate their business in the Ajman Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates. This is an ideal location for entrepreneurs who wish to genuinely locate their business in the UAE. This down town Free Zone is strategically located in the UAE and is conveniently located near to all ports and airports so efficient transport links are assured.

One of the main advantages along with being able to physically locate your family and or staff in the UAE is the total lack of Red Tape for businesses. Visas are part of the Ajman Free Zone package you buy, which also includes modern office space and furniture and all utilities for one year (yearly renewable). Starter packages are available for just under £15,000 with larger packages and more Visas available between £22-24,000. Image being able to start or transfer your business into this fabulous environment for so little.

For more information and to apply for a Dubai UAE Ajman Free Zone Company Formation and Bank Account go here.

What is a Free Zone Company and what can it do?

Imported goods and merchandise may be stored duty-free pending re-export or duty-paid entry into the importing country in this free-trade zone around a port area.

Business Licences are provided as part of our Free Zone Package. Licences available:


This licence allows foreign/UAE companies/Free Zone Companies who wish to trade in the Free Zone.

E Commerce

Licences are provided to companies who wish to carry out e-commerce business. Ajman Free Zone Companies are perfect for young or established e-commerce companies due to the provision of smart modern office facilities and fixed costs which fit the budgets of young companies enabling them to run their business with fixed costs and no surprises.


This licence allows professional service companies to carry out business in the Free Zone.