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Company FAQs

Q: Do Seychelles/Belize or UAE Ras Al Khaimah Companies pay any tax?

A: No tax payable of worldwide profits

Q: Do accounts have to be filed and annual returns provided

A: No accounts or returns have to be filed

Q: What types of shares are available?

A: Nominated shares or a Nominee shareholder is provided by us.

Q: How many Directors/Secretary are required.

A: Just one Director which we provide.

Q: Can I be a Director?

A: Yes, but for confidentiality reasons it is better not to be a Director.

Q: Can I have Power of Attorney.

A: Yes, a Power of Attorney can be supplied with Apostile at a cost of £175.00.

Q: Do I need a registered office?

A: Yes, and it is provided for you.

Bank Account FAQs

Q: Do I get a guaranteed Bank account?

A: Yes,we guarantee a Bank account with three currencies. Sterling, USD and Euro account numbers.

Q: Can I have an account if I am Bankrupt.

A: Yes.

Q: When will I know what the Banks name will be?

A: As soon as you contact us and discuss your requirements with us.

Q: Can the nominee Director access funds in my account?

A: No, the Bank provide an electronic security devise to ensure that only you or those
you nominate can access the account.

Q: What is the minimum opening deposit for the account?

A: Just £500.00.
Q: Can I pay large sums of money into the account?

A: Yes, within reason and by informing us of the amount prior to deposit.

Q: Do I get a Visa Debit card?

A: Yes, Some banks ask for a security deposit but not all.

Please feel free to contact our friendly specialists in absolute confidence with any questions that you have regarding company formations, bank accounts or any other related matter, please do not hesitate to contact us either via telephone on +44 (0) 1305 853310 or via email

The simple process of company incorporation and opening your bank accountThis is an example based on a straightforward and standard set up IBC and Bank Account.

IBC Name selected, checked for availability & reserved. Fee received from client.
arrowbigCompany ordered from the registry. Account opening questionnaire sent to client - completed and returned to us with Passport copy and utiltiy bill.
arrowbigAll paperwork for the Bank Account completed by us and sent to the client for signature.
arrowbigSigned forms checked, collated with Company Documentation, Passport Copy & utility bill and forwarded to be signed by our attorney.
arrowbigDocuments passed to the bank and account numbers issued to client.

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