Our Fees

PackageSetup FeeAnnual Renewal Fee (after year one)
Seychelles IBC with Nominee Director, Shareholder, Registered Office & Guaranteed Business Bank Account £2250.00 £982.50 (payable on the anniversary of the company)
Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) UAE Company Formation and Dubai Bank Account with Nominee Director, Shareholder, Registered Office & Guaranteed Business Bank Account£4250.00£1500.00 (payable on the anniversary of the company)
Belize Asset Protection Trust (excluding Trustee Company charges)£3750.00£1500.00 (payable on 1st January each year). Optional Protector Fee (1st year free) £500.00 per annum
For products not listed and for further details or advice, please call our team on +44 (0)1305 853310, or email info@molybank.com.

Our Price Promise

The Amanda J Molyneux & Company Limited Price Promise

  • One fixed price for every product sold
  • Initial fee includes all first years' fees
  • A "Guaranteed" Bank Account
  • No Credit Score
  • To provide you with the product you pay for

As an authority in the business, we know which component parts are essential to ensure the smooth running of your IBC (International Business Company) and we do not pretend that only certain parts are essential.

It has come to our attention that other so-called Company Formation specialists provide a menu price list. They hook clients with an apparently low priced Offshore Company Formation, which often does not include other vital components such as the Nominee Director fees. In many cases they charge large amounts of money for any number of what they list as additional extras, such as the holding and forwarding of mail, scanning, emailing and faxing to name but a few. All of which we consider to be inclusive of the good standard of service that you should expect to receive from an Offshore Formation Specialist.

And what is more, many Offshore Company Formation Specialists cannot guarantee you will be able to get a bank account once you have bought your Offshore Company. Or they expect credit scores which compromises your confidentiality as these will remain on your credit history. We do not reqiuire a credit score because of the exceptional relationship we have within the banking community.

We believe we are the only company to charge one fixed rate to include everything you will need, and guarantee your bank account. We will only proceed with your application if we believe we are able to help you. And if we fail to perform we will simply refund your money.

At Amanda J Molyneux & Company you get what you pay for - there are no surprises.