Professional Introducers Sought

Become a Professional Introducer for Amanda J Molyneux & Company

Amanda J Molyneux & Company Limited are seeking professional introducers with wide ranging business contacts, in particular Russia, Eastern Europe, India, the Middle East, Asia and Brazil, South Africa and Australia. As an introducer, you will be capable of working under our ethos of providing total client satisfaction.

This may also be of interest to Accountancy and Law Practices.

This will add benefit to your existing product lines, please contact us for an in depth discussion.

Excellent Commissions are available.

Call +44 (0) 1305 853310 or email

Honour in Business
Decus is the Latin for 'honour' or 'dignity'. The basic word for 'business' in Latin is negotium, however, while this word can refer to business in general, it more often implies a particular employment, commission, or business transaction. So in our motto we've used the much rarer word negotiatio, which in classical Latin always referred to the business of banking in particular.This isn't something that some marketing guy came up with - it's the way we work.